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Download here GEOiDX. You also need to download new software license. If you use GEOiD, please contact us beforehand.

  • Download GEOiDX Install has to be done with Administrator rights.
  • Note: GEOiD files can not be opened in GEOiDX.

GEOiD 64-bit

Download here the 64-bit version of GEOiD, GEOiD-SBV and GEOiD-Viewer. The 64-bit version does NOT work on a 32-bit computer. If you don't use version 8.2 yet, you also need to download a new software license to be able to use version 8.4.


The COL-Server Software is for installations of GEOiDX if you use a COL-Server license. The COL server is 32-bit, but works fine on a 64-bit server. If you only switch servers, the COL-Server installation will suffice.

GEOiD COL-Server

The COL-Server software is for both 32-bit as 64-bit installations. So if you need to switch servers or just install it for the first time, you have enough to get the COL-Server download. The COL-Server is 32-bit, but works perfectly fine on a64-bit server.

Try GEOiDX before you buy

Mutual commitment begins with our offer to download our software products and try out for 2 weeks. Do not hesitate to contact us or our local partner if you need more time to evaluate our products.

Fill out the formulier, so we can send you the login details. With these detials you kan download the Demo license.

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GEOiDX our bespoke software to perform take-offs from paper and digital drawings. Practical measuring and editing tools lay within the palm of your hand. Featuring advanced report tools, export of quantities, filtering techniques and great presentations.

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  • New in version 1.0 Dockable vensters;
    Multiple drawings can be open;
    Multiple drawings can be imported on a separate tabs;
    Every Code gets its own Layer;


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